Putty Text Color and Background Color Configuration

Usually Comand Line Background Color being unconfortable for us. Putty or command prompt have black background color. Sometimes it's hard to read the information there. So if we want to change putty background color we can just follow this steps

1. Click Properties at Windows Caption (One line with Close, Maximize and Minimize)

2. Choose Colour, Sub Menu of Windows.

3. Configure Cursor Text Color [Example Here we choose Black (R,G,B)=0]

4. Configure Default Backgroun [Example Here we choose White(R,G,B)=255]

5. The Result

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Greenwood Village real estate said...
May 6, 2010 at 9:03 PM

Thanks a lot Picas for sharing this tip...I will try this out on my site..it;s nice to change the background color so that you can easily see and read the text on it.

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