The needs of Learning Chemistry and Physics

Benefits of learning chemistry is a better understanding of the nature and the various processes that take place on it.

From the above description has explained that the material can be changed physically or chemically. By learning chemistry, we can convert natural materials into more useful products separately meet the needs of human life, and we can understand the needs of human life, and we can understand natural phenomena that we encounter in our lives every day.

a. Digestion of food substances in the body.
Food derived from growing plants. Growing plants assimilated with chemical processes. Our bodies need carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, all of which is a chemical process that can produce carbon dioxide gas, water and energy.

b. Many kind of Daily Needs
We need soap, toothpaste, textile, cosmetics, plastics, medicines, fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, paints, spices, household tools, and even different kinds of processed foods, all of which are results from the application of chemistry. Almost all the materials we need, to some extent, either directly or indirectly have a touch of chemistry.

Beside Chemistry it was Physics, Physics is the science of nature in the widest sense. Physics study of natural phenomena that are not life or matter within the scope of space and time. Physicists study the behavior and properties of matter in very different fields, from microscopic particles that make up all matter (particle physics) to the behavior of the material universe.

Benefits of physics :

To calculate equilibrium and strength of a system
example if the design of building structures

for example in jet coaster. We can get the acceleration due to gravity effects of a stressful but safe.

to correct the limitations of vision by considering the distance focus, lenses, shadows, and all macemnya, applications using that in eyeglasses, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, etc..

Fluid (substance flow)
Calculate behaviour and style on the air, fluids and other substances flow. For example create a profile to make the wings for the aircraft or let f1 car body produced by the lift or downforce to.

Learn fenomena2 on sound waves. For example, make for a comfortable concert hall in terms of sound governance.

Well, just a lot really Benefits of learning chemistry and Physics.

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