Capture Web Page Scrolling Screen

I Have found a Firefox Add ons to Capture Web Page Scrolling Screen for long time, but a tragedy happen and i must reinstall my operating system and forgot it's name.

What the hell is the name. I search on google and cannot found the add ons because it was less popular in search engine.

A day later i remember the name and suddenly i install it again. The name is ScreenGrab. it was popular add ons to Capture Web Page Screen and it can be doing task like Capture Web Page Scrolling Screen.

Here it is the result of ScreenGrab

Locate Command can not open. [SOLVED]

Locate is a command to find file or directory in LINUX.

LOCATE COMMAND can not open `/var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db': Permission denied [SOLVED]

You can solve problem with:

1)cd /var/lib

2)chmod -R 755 mlocate/mlocate.db