FPDF Limit File Size and Cause A Blank Error Download

According FPDF Faqs we know that : There is no particular limit of FPDF Output filesize. There are some constraints, however:

- The maximum memory size allocated to PHP scripts is usually 8MB. For very big documents, especially with images, this limit may be reached (the file being built into memory). The parameter is configured in the php.ini file.

- The maximum execution time allocated defaults to 30 seconds. This limit can of course be easily reached. It is configured in php.ini and may be altered dynamically with set_time_limit().

- Browsers generally have a 5 minute time-out. If you send the PDF directly to the browser and reach the limit, it will be lost. It is therefore advised for very big documents to generate them in a file, and to send some data to the browser from time to time (with a call to flush() to force the output). When the document is finished, you can send a redirection to it or create a link.
Remark: even if the browser times out, the script may continue to run on the server.

Dear Friends, I Have a Trouble before, and i want to share that The filesize of  FPDF Output can Cause an Error / Blank Output. Actually my maximum allocated memory was 16 MB in php.ini and size of my FPDF Output was 8 MB. This Output cause Error, So I Change my maximum allocated memory to 64 MB.

If you have change maximum allocated memory, and still not work, we can increase maximum time to run a script, default 30 Second can be changed into 60 Second.

Hope This Help My Dear Friend.

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Interesting, I didn't know the max was 8MB for php scripts. That's good to know.

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That explains why my browser hangs sometimes when downloading these types of files lol

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I wonder if they are going to change this limit

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Dear Friends, I Have a Trouble before, and i want to share that The filesize of FPDF Output can Cause an Error / Blank Output. Actually my maximum allocated memory was 16 MB in php.ini and size of my FPDF Output was 8 MB. This Output cause Error, So I Change my maximum allocated memory to 64 MB.

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