Set Form Element Readonly with Javascript

How we can Set Form Element Readonly with Javascript ..

a piece of the code is here


or the complete forum can be found here

Im affraid any lost.. Maybe copy any source code to this post is good idea...

<script type="text/javascript">

function blah(bool) {
if(bool) {
document.getElementById("ta").readOnly = true;
else {
document.getElementById("ta").readOnly = false;


<textarea id="ta"></textarea>
<input type="checkbox" onclick="blah(this.checked)" />

or this solution

[1] use setAttribute and removeAttribute

document.forms['myFormId'].myTextArea.setAttribute('readOnly','readonly'); //2nd readonly more freedom
else //if(!document.formOne.fieldInfo.checked)
// also tried document.formOne.fieldtextarea.focus();

[2] property assignment

document.forms['myFormId'].myTextArea.readOnly=true; //true has some freedom
else //if(!document.formOne.fieldInfo.checked)
document.forms['myFormId'].myTextArea.readOnly=false; //false has some freedom
// also tried document.formOne.fieldtextarea.focus();

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