MySQL Stored Procedure that have Variable Table Name and it's Query Validation

I have try and try about MySQL Stored Procedure that have Variable Table Name and it's Query Validation. First i try to make MySQL Stored Procedure that have Variable Table Name. I so newbie in stored procedure, but after any success it feel so nice.

This stored procedure primary target is giving a increment counter in a field. The increment value of a asset (Asset Information System) giving a unique ID between each number of asset even the asset is the same.

below is primary procedure to do the increment.


DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `db_simaset`.`addnew`$$

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `addnew`
(in tabel varchar(15), in kodeaset varchar(11),
in banyak numeric,
in awalancounter numeric,
codesppa varchar(20),
id_transaksi numeric,
tglpenerimaan date,
tglpembukuan date)
set @awalancounter=awalancounter;
set @inc=1;
set @ptabel=tabel;

while (@inc <= banyak) do begin
set @awalancounter=@awalancounter+1;
SET @dyn_sql=CONCAT("INSERT INTO ",@ptabel,"(kode_aset,no_aset,
values ('", kodeaset,"','", @awalancounter,"','",codesppa,"','",

PREPARE s1 FROM @dyn_sql;
EXECUTE s1; set @inc=@inc+1;
end while;

the validation is give a single quoted beetwen dynamic value of the field. I mean Here


without the validation it will be error column will happen shows that MySQL confuse about integer and varchar value.

Hope it will help you..

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MySQL Code Samples said...
January 3, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Another great mySQL tutorial, thanks a bunch.

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