Windows Network Configuration connecting to Another Computer

Below We can see Windows Network Configuration connecting to connecting to Another Computer. What is the purposes..? --> Usually the purposes is to File Sharing.

1. First of all click start --> Control Panel Network Connection, Right Click on LAN (Local Area Networking) and then choose Properties.

2. Choose TCP / IP Configuration, and Click Properties

2. If Properties Clicked, do a configuration like picture below. Example here we use for Windows and for Another Computer.

4. Click Ok. How can we ensure our IP is Just write

on cmd (windows command prompt)

5. Test the connection with
ping IP

to Linux Computer (on cmd (windows command prompt)). Example here


Windows now have LAN connection to Another Computer. Image above shows that connection succesfully. If failed it will be Request Time Out or Destination Host unreachable.

If Something wrong try to check Windows Firewall Configuration. Set Windows Firewall to OFF both of the Computer

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