Fedora Core eth0 or LAN Configuration

If we want to Connect To Linux Operating System Computer, we must setting the eth0 or LAN in Windows Operating System.

How can we configure Fedora Core eth0 ?. Follow the instruction below.
1. Click System --> Administration --> Network to go to Network Configuration.

2. Activate the eth0.

3. Double Click eth0. For example we set IP for the Linux and for the Windows.

Test the connection with Ping Command from Linux Fedora.


Image above shows that connection succesfully. If failed it will be Request Time Out or Destination Host unreachable.

4. Try also Ping from Windows.

eth0 or LAN Configuration is only beginner steps to do next thing, but this steps is very important, because ensure the connection between Windows-Linux computer.

If Something wrong try to check Windows Firewall Configuration. Set Windows Firewall to OFF

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April 26, 2010 at 6:23 AM

Thanks a lot for sharing these tips on using Linux...it's a big help for Linux users given that most of the resources found on the Internet are mostly for Windows.

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