Ensures your Internet Connection using Command Prompt

If you have Internet Connection, Some connection trouble maybe an usual thing (Disconnected or Request Time Out). With Ping You can ensure connection to another computer. I have practiced that with Ping another Computer our connection is ensure to always connect. Because Ping always waiting for remote site answer's, Beside the connection will be faster.

I have try it and can compare the connection using Ping and not using Ping. I feel a more better Internet access if we Using Ping Command. If we using Ping, the long time disconected can be avoid.

This Especially good if we use computer together with another user in Lab, Library or Public kind of Internet Services. Our computer with Ping Command will be ensure to allways get bandwidth and internet acces because Ping Command always send request and waiting for it's repplies.

The command is completely simple and all of people study computer know about this..

just type in cmd (Windows command line or Linux terminal)

ping [domain name] -t

example ping www.indosatm2.com -t

a little value of time and TTL mean a better speed and access. In my example picture's below mean a bad connection. A good connection usually have time value 200 to 500 mS, but my connection value is about 2 Second. That was a bad connection...!!! Poor Me..!!. A Request Time Out mean a trouble in connection, but if you let this window open, it will try to always connect to the Internet. While another people that doesn't let this window open have a less opportunity to allways connect to Internet.

Now you can feel a better connection than other people who doesn't use this command. Feel always connect in public Internet place more than another person's

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Raini Munti said...
June 20, 2009 at 12:18 AM

bro kalo tulisanny warna putih mkgn lbh enak dibaca y :0 skedar saran

Picas said...
June 20, 2009 at 10:59 PM

tulisan postingan nya Mba Rai..???

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