Biometrics Overview

Biometrics (ancient Greek: bios =”life”, metron =”measure”) refers characteristic that measure human in human body and behaviour. Something that human have, like face, fingerprint, palmprint, retina, iris etc and something that human use to be like how to walk (gait), signature can be a biometrics.

Biometrics System

Almost of biometrics systems consist of these modul:

1. Sensor
2. Pre-processing
3. Feature extraction
4. Storage
5. Matching
6. Decision

Biometrics Characteristic

There are about 16 biometrics characteristic:

1. DNA
2. Face
3. Retinal
4. Iris
5. Ear
6. Dental
7. Lips
8. Palmprint
9. Hand Geometry
10. Fingerprint
11. Facial and body Infrared
12. Gait
13. Signature
14. Keystroke
15. Voice
16. Odor

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