Apply Mathematics in Our Daily Life.

Often the mathematics that we know and are present in front of us is full of mathematical formulas, abstract, theoretical and dry. But is it true that mathematics is dry and only purely theoretical formulas as well as abstract?

Actually there are many other interesting side of mathematics. Unfortunately, we don't know deeply so far, because rarely touched or not present when we learn mathematics in school. There are many interesting side of mathematics if we explored. There are a magic numbers that sometimes feels no sense, there are games that make us stunned, amazed, silly stories that led to the discovery of new math concepts, graphical visualization like beautiful painting of the set function, and etc..

We would agree to admit that math is essential for human life. Imagine how the world today without Math? Could we watching TV, playing computer games, talking with friends over the phone or SMS's? Imagine what a mess this world if people do not know the numbers. What happens if people can not understand the space where they stand / exist, can not understand the price of goods in a store?

It's no doubt about it, Math is pretty important role in human life. Many things have been contributed to the development of human civilization by Mathematics. Do we know that mathematics also played a role in determining the direction and content of philosophical thoughts, in providing answers to fundamental questions about human nature and the world?

"Everything is numbers" that was the Pythagorean philosophy to mathematics. Maybe we will be puzzled to interpret the statement. But that was philosophy, not philosophy if not confusing. It seems that Pythagoras expressed are unreasonable, but what he meant isn't without meaning at all. He discovered the importance of numbers in music, and he built relationships between music and math in mathematical terms, like "The average value of harmony" and "progressions of harmony".

Pythagoras considered numbers as forms, as it existed on the dice or card games. We also still inherit it until now by using terms like square numbers or number two and number cube rank to rank number three, which is none other than the terms derived from Pythagoras. He also uses the term square numbers, triangular numbers, pyramidal numbers, and so forth. Numbers actually represent the number of pebbles used to compile the relevant forms.

Well, apparently that was related to the Pythagorean view that this world is atomic, and assume the body is made up of molecules composed of atoms arranged in various forms. In this case he wants to arithmetic as a field of study that became the basis of the physical sciences as well as aesthetics.

Often we realize Math was the basic of other science like physic, algebra, calculus, chemistry, economics, etc when it using numeric calculation. Sometimes it has it own way to do calculation. The variety way of complexity and problem can be simplify with our math knowledge. We need to understand and convert the problem in the form of Math.

College student sometimes need math help in lesson to find out the real life problem solving. This is the best way to apply math in daily life. The most pure math science maybe about Calculus or Algebra. Calculus or Algebra often use in Programming and Optimization. Algebra help may be ask when any problem of similarity or dissimilarity explain by the teacher. Calculus help may be ask when we found integral or differential problem in our application. The help can be ask to explain about the position of Algebra or Calculus in the application.

A little bit different about Physic, it was more applicable in daily life, like mass, energy, electromagnetic, etc. But the variety of the physic study material need intensive physics help explanation to give easy to understand way to learn physics.

A lot of discussion at the lesson about real life application would reduce  probability of the needs of homework help to the parent at home. But if any math problems or difficulties happen and we need a simplify problem solving, there is a competitive website providing it.

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October 26, 2010 at 4:32 AM

We are surrounded by mathematics in the daily life. We do not understand that always, but it is a fact.

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