Earth Hour 2009

Global Campaign to decrease global warming effect will be a movement in turning of the lamp and all kind of electronics device in one hour. This Campaign named Earth Hour 2009, Saturday, March 28.

All people in the world asking to turning off the lights at home. No need 1 day, it's just one hour from 20.30 t0 31.30 at local time. Be sure all electronic device in power off condition, not stand by.

"Our objectives reach 1 billion people, more than 1000 city, together show that the effort we are able to take any action to global warming", said official site of Earth Hour motored by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Jakarta is one of the city that has been participated. 680 city in 77 Country participated as far, and will be grow up.

WWF Indonesia predict this movement will rest the needs of 300 MW in electric power, Rp 200 million cost effective, and 284 tons carbon emmisions in Jakarta only.

This Initiatif has began in Sydney, 2007. Involve about 2.2 million people include Opera Building. All Global Corner like Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco), Colosseum (Roma) dan Coca Cola Advertisement Board (Times Square) in the dark condition.

Will you passed this chance, whenever every body try to give their attention to the Earth..?
Moreover, the things that we do is so little.. Why not..?

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